You are currently viewing A stronger emphasis on what the public needs and wants from the medical industry will be present during the 60th EMA annual conference

A stronger emphasis on what the public needs and wants from the medical industry will be present during the 60th EMA annual conference

The Ethiopian Medical Association declared on last Thursday that there is still a considerable disparity in the availability of quality care, even in spite of the nation’s increasing medical workforce. The 60th annual medical conference of the association is scheduled for January 7 and 8, 2023 , at the Skylight Hotel.

At the conference, patients will ask questions about all of the care and services they receive from medical facilities, as well as about the issues they encountered and potential solutions, EMA President Dr. Tigbar Yigzaw told the media.

Dr. Tigbar Yigzaw

“Many things are said from the patient’s perspective, and they will bring some representatives so you may hear what they have to say. As you are aware, Ethiopia lacks sufficient medical professionals; based on the ratio, 10,000 individuals do not receive one physician.

” In terms of funding, the heart sector’s portion of the government’s overall budget does not exceed 10%.”

“During the conference, researchers talked about both communicable and non-communicable diseases. The relevant organisations will receive the report, enabling them to continue their work of enhancing healthcare.”

Dr. Tigbar continued, “The main challenges facing the health sector at the moment are the nation’s security concerns, a lack of hard currency to import or manufacture drugs, the exodus of medical professionals seeking higher salaries abroad, and the country’s restricted funding to carry out more work domestically.”

At the summit, around 600 medical professionals and decision-makers from different places will gather.

Representatives from several government agencies, heads of medical colleges, and specialty associations for health professionals will be present at the gathering. Over 100 organisations and 2,000 people are expected to visit the side exhibition.

The Ethiopian Medical Association is organising an award programme that includes the Influential and Best Young Doctor Awards from the Association, the Ethiopian Medical Association’s 2023 Institution of the Year.

Since the Ethiopian Medical Association’s founding in 1946, it has been a service provider, contributing significantly to patient safety, the standard of medical care, and the industry as a whole, according to Tiguest Mekonen, general manager of the association.

Tiguest Mekonen

The number of health medical in Ethiopia is less than 17,500 but good progres has made in giving health related courses in 40 goverment Universities and private clollege .

Despite the fact that Ethiopia has fewer than 17,500 doctors, progress has been made in offering health-related courses at 40 public and private universities.

The past ten years have seen a notable improvement in Ethiopia’s health. Ensuring that over 110 million Ethiopians have access to decent healthcare remains an issue. The advancements gained in enhancing health outcomes are still in danger due to infectious diseases, inadequate sanitation and hygiene, hazardous water sources, and malnutrition.

Ethiopia has achieved major health improvements over the past decade. However, ensuring access to good quality healthcare for over 110 million Ethiopians remains a challenge. Infectious disease, lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and malnutrition continue to threaten the gains made in health outcomes.

Although Ethiopia is still a low-income nation, since 2000, health and health services have greatly improved.
Ethiopia is working together to lower maternal mortality and is on track to meet the MDGs for communicable diseases and under-five mortality. Furthermore, the background of these advancements is the general decrease in poverty.

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