AAU Promots 7 Scholars to Full Professorship

ADDIS ABABA – The Addis Ababa University announced on Monday said its governing board has approved the promotion of seven faculty to full professorship.

The governing board of the university made the approval during its meeting on Oct 26.

The promotion cases have been thoroughly evaluated by internal and external evaluators, the University said

The academic commissions of respective colleges and AAU Senate endorsed the cases, before their eventual approval by the board.

The majority of the professorships were given to scholars from the College of Natural and Computational Sciences.

They are Professor Seyoum Lete (in Environmental Biotechnology), Professor Feleke Zewge (in Environmental Chemistry), Professor Hassen Mamo (in Parasitology), Professor Gurja Belay (in Molecular Genetics).

The other scholars promoted to professorship are from different colleges of the AAU.

Professor Girma Seyoum (in Anatomy) is a member of the College of Health Sciences and School of Medicine.

Professor Asefa Abegaz of College of Social sciences was promoted to professorship in Land Use management.

From College Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Professor Teshale Sori received his professorship in Veterinary Epidemiology.

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