You are currently viewing About 500 students from the KEA-MED College Addis Ababa Campus graduate

About 500 students from the KEA-MED College Addis Ababa Campus graduate

Nearly 500 Masters to level four students received honours during the 20th Graduation Ceremony held at the Ethiopian Conference Centre by the KEA-MED College Addis Ababa Campus.

4 graduates from the technical and vocational levels, 155 from nursing, accounting, and budget, 109 from master’s programmes in adult health nursing and public health with a focus on reproductive health, and 214 from health officer training programmes.

In addition to congratulating graduates on their academic achievements, the college’s president, Mrs. Mahder Ziqu, emphasised that this year’s graduation marked the 20th for the Addis Abeba Campus and the 21st altogether, highlighting the college’s strong trajectory.

86 percent of the graduating class is made up of women, highlighting the college’s importance in empowering women and, in turn, families and the growth of the country as a whole. We are all happy with our contributions to the progressively realised national agenda.

It’s a joyful day for graduates, but it’s also one that comes with a big responsibility. According to the college president, another indication of how much emphasis we focus on education quality is the fact that 72% of our regular students passed the first exit exam given by the Ministry of Education.

Our success rate surpasses the average passing rate of 17.2%% for private higher education institutions given by the Ministry, the passing rates of 40% for private and public universities, and the passing rates of 60% for public institutions.

The college president also expressed gratitude to the governmental and non-governmental organisations that supported the College’s development in different ways.

The College plans to establish new campuses in Addis Abeba and provide new undergraduate and master’s degree offerings. A MD programme is now being developed for the 2019 debut.

The private enterprise KEA-MED is attempting to address the scarcity of competent workers. Due to the positive policy environment the government had created, it was founded in 2002.

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