According to Getachew Reda, the government has pledged to assist Tigray with its budget

According to Ato Getachew Reda, the leader of the territory’s temporary administration, the federal government has agreed to send the monies to the Tigray province. They did not indicate how much money will be paid to the Tigray region, only that “discussions will still be done.”

The Federation Council resolved to restart financial aid to the Tigray region in September 2022 after installing an interim administration to oversee the territory. Financial support to the Tigray area was halted, and the state’s “illegal elections” were held without the consent of the federal government.

The relationship between the Federal Government and the Tigray Regional Government has exhibited a tendency to be revived since the ceasefire agreement was reached in Pretoria, South Africa.

The provisional administration of the Tigray region was established in compliance with the agreement, and Ato Getachew Reda was chosen to lead it. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made this announcement last week.

Ato Getachew’s interim administration is said to be “representative and inclusive of the different political groups operating in the region.” Mr. Getachew, whose first week after being appointed begins on Monday. 11 members of the interim administration’s cabinet will reportedly visit Addis Abeba to meet with the federal government, according to reports.

Getachew confirmed their presence in Addis Abeba to “Ethiopia Insider” and stated that they had spoken with the federal administration about the impending budget for the region. The head of government declared that even if the federal government told the temporary administration how much of the budget it intended to release to the region, the matter would still not be resolved. Finances approved. He noted the current state of the negotiations, saying, “We are still debating the [right] figure.

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