AFCON 2022: Opportunity and  Success

Representing Cecafa in AFCON this year are its two time hosts as well as winners. Those hosts are Ethiopia and Sudan. The nations of Cecafa are best remembered for their performances at past central Africa sports tournaments. Insight into these nations and their athletes will help prepare you to use Betway to place the best possible bets on upcoming soccer games.

A History Of Success

It’s worth mentioning that Kenya made their AFCON debut in 1972. 40 years afterward, AFCON was once again held in Central Africa in 2012. That year also marked the first that Sudan had entered the tournament for the previous 36 years. This is significant because Sudan was one of the pioneers behind the first AFCON.

Of the three AFCONS that have been held since, Sudan participated in seven of them. Ethiopia was also a driving force of AFCON when it debuted in 1957. They have since been in the event a total of 10 times. Three of these times were when they hosted the event, in 1962, 1968, and 1976.

In addition to Sudan and Ethiopia, others that have represented Cecafa in AFCON includes Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rawanda.

Powerful Squads

Ethiopia is holding its own in this year’s event. Some of the participating players include goalkeepers Adama Ketema, Teklemariam Shanko, and Bahir Dar Ketema. Midfielders include Firew Solomon, Amanuel Yohannes, and Fitsum, Alemu.

A Break Out Star

Getaneh Kebede, the lead marksman for Ethiopia, is 100% committed to making a difference for the team at this year’s AFCON. He’s publically stated that because he is a striker for the team, being able to score goals is crucial to the team’s success. Kebede also feels that as long as his teammates work together, they can’t go wrong.

When it came to the qualifying games to get Ethiopia into AFCON, Kebede scored three goals against the Nigerian team.

A Team Prepares

Ethiopia arrived in town for the 2022 AFCON and upon arrival, engaged in a friendly pre-tournament game with Sudan. Having won that game, Ethiopia is well on its way to making a lasting impression at this year’s tournament. However, Sudan has two more practice games schedued with teams from Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe.

But it isn’t just the team players that are pumped up for this prestigious event. Current coach Wubetu Abate took over leadership of the team in late 2020. Immediately he set his sights on getting the Ethiopia team to qualify for AFCON. As a former soccer player himself, he understands how important it is for the team to have strong leadership. In the past, Abate also worked for the Ethiopian Premiere League.

With such a talented team representing Ethiopia, there is a lot for its residents to be proud of. This year’s AFCON is set to be an unforgettable event that will help keep soccer among the hottest sports being played today.

Ethiopia has a strong chance of finishing this year’s tournament at the top of the rankings in soccer.

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