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African ambassadors are asked to play a crucial role in expediting the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area

The Africa Union headquarters organised a conference on trade and economic cooperation among African nations for their ambassadors on Tuesday and Wednesday. The training’s main topic was the implementation of the AfCFTA successfully.

The training was arranged by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) in association with the African Union department in charge of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism, Industry, and Minerals (ETTIM), and was funded by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan through the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the African Union.

Accelerating the implementation of the AfCFTA and realising African trade and economic integration were among the topics discussed during the training for ambassadors and diplomats accredited to the African Union.

Mamadou Biteye, the director of the ACBF, stated that ambassadors should work very hard to promote free trade among African countries.

“As there is an economic war going on at the time, trainee officers serving overseas have an obligation to come up with new ideas to help Africa’s exports and free commerce.” In order for the trainee officers to actively support free trade and draw foreign investment to their countries throughout their professional careers, he also urged them to thoroughly educate themselves about the business, joint venture, and investment opportunities available in various sectors of Africa’s economy.” He explained.

Mamadou Biteye

He claimed that enhancing free trade requires having African ambassadors serving overseas who are knowledgeable about current products.

The African Trade Policy Centre’s (ATPC) coordinator, Melaku Desta, stated that ambassadors are essential to the AfCFTA’s progress. All African diplomats stationed there are aware of the poor amount of trade among the continent’s countries, he claims. Another responsibility of an ambassador is to encourage trade between nearby nations.

Melaku Desta

“Therefore, it is the duty of diplomats to boost trade between African nations. “

“Africa needs these free trade agreements to draw in foreign direct investment (FDI) because it is a tiny open economy. Increased trade will therefore contribute to the industrial transformation on the continent, which will be aided by solutions for automation and digitization. In the medium run, Africa would like to shift from manufacturing low-value items to higher-value products, rely less on unskilled labour, and work to draw in skilled labour to support our businesses.” He added.

He went on to say that the AfCFTA addresses a wide variety of subjects, including as trade in products, trade remedies, origin rules, customs procedures, trade facilitation, competition, economic and technical cooperation, and institutional and legal issues.

Governments are urged to use the AfCTFA to support inclusive and structural reform in Africa in order to boost intra-African trade, according to participants in the training.
Participants in the training included representatives of the private sector from nations who are currently taking part in the Guided Trade Initiative (GTI) and have already begun trading under the AfCFTA.

Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Tunisia are some of these nations. Furthermore, the African Business Council and the African Manufacturers Association.

It is anticipated that the training of African ambassadors and diplomats will produce insightful analyses and policy suggestions that can advance the African Continental Free Trade Area, greatly boosting intra-African trade, enhancing regional integration, economic growth, job creation, and, eventually, better living conditions for the continent.

African ambassadors and diplomats participated in the programme, according to the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), which provided the perfect setting for encouraging member state engagement and enhancing the essential cooperation to hasten the implementation of the AfCFTA.

It went on to say that the African Economic Community, as outlined in the Abuja Treaty, will eventually be established as a consequence. Their involvement can aid in forging an agreement and mobilising support for the necessary reforms and modifications to local and national policies.

The organisation claims that challenges are addressed, best practices are shared, and strategies are coordinated in the training programmes for African ambassadors and diplomats.

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