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AFWME wraps up Dubai Fashion Week’s First Edition with Africa’s Fashion Creatives

A first-ever metaverse fashion week including five designer boutiques the first edition of Africa Fashion Week Middle East (AFWME), which honored all of Africa’s creatives for three days, was warmly received by fashion lovers, members of the creative community, and broader audiences in Gate Village at the Dubai International Financial Center. Several activations, including panel talks, workshops, and runway shows, were part of the event.

The African continent’s top designers had the opportunity to showcase their most recent collections in front of a supportive audience at the Africa Fashion Week Middle East (AFWME) event. Well-known luxury fashion brands include African-Congolese Urban Zulu, South African Mantsho, Zimbabwean Ntombi Couture, Nigerian Kiza Bespoke, Senegalese OMAAD, and Ghanaian Caped Coast. The designers displayed a wide variety of breathtaking works that perfectly encapsulated their creativity, technical mastery, and unique portrayal of fashion brilliance through timeless pieces.

Aser Levron, co-founder of AFWMEW, said, “We are pleased to bring together such a wealth of talent and creativity under one roof and to share with our viewers all the amazing works that exist in the African continent.

During the panel talks, a number of important topics that are essential to the fashion industry were discussed, including technology and innovation, sustainability, and cross-border opportunities. Mucha Hazel Nyandoro, Chief of Professional Tribes, encouraged quiet yet fruitful conversations as a result of the speaker schedule, which featured well-known corporate thought leaders.

Earth of One Eight founder Fareda Ali said, “It is such a fantastic collaboration to unite with AFWME and support their work as we align with our shared values and similar pillars. This partnership might start a new age of immersive and eco-friendly fashion experiences. In addition to renting a pre-built pod from us, you may now design and construct your own with us using the most cutting-edge and eco-friendly methods. Together with our partners, we also offer technological solutions that enable companies to create memorable touch points and experiences for their pods. Given its excellent location and the blurring of online and offline environments, Dubai is the ideal launchpad for these possibilities.

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