An attack on our Media

Our own Awlo Media’s journalist Bekalu Alamrew was arrested by police this morning at around 8:00 am (2:00 local time). Four security personnel; three in uniform and the other in plain cloth raided our main office at Bole Medhanialem in Addis Ababa and arrested Bekalu Alamrew. As of now his whereabouts is unknown.

The men in uniform told Bekalu to say ”goodbye” to his colleagues (sarcastically) . Other journalists of Awlo Media were on their way to the office and returned home upon hearing the news of the raid from friends. There are men in Uniforms posted around the building. We later found out that the men in uniform were around our office waiting for us to arrive even before Bekalu and other administrative staff arrived.

The officers threatened our other staff members (driver and administration) not to talk to anyone about what they said and done; and took many valuable media equipment and documents. They searched every room and looked at everything without presenting a search warrant from a court. When Bekalu and others asked why they are doing so, the police refused to answer. Neither did these security personnel showed any identification.

Woldegiorgis G. Teklay
Managing Director
Awlo Media Center

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