An Ethiopian man is charged with forcing college students to have sex with him by posing as someone else on Facebook and offering to take them on vacation.

A decision was made about the defense of the individual accused of using a false Facebook identity to mislead college students into having sex!

A guy accused of coercing university students into having sex with him by pretending to be someone else on Facebook and promising to take them to “Canada and England” has been given permission to fight the allegations.

The judgement was rendered in favor of the defendant, who is accused of using a false name to coerce college students into having sex with his personal victims in exchange for more than 500,000 birr in cash and more than 20 grams of gold.

Tadios Zelema, a resident of district 06 in Addis Abeba’s Addis City subdistrict, is the defendant. According to the lawsuit, he assumed a different identity to pose as a Canadian citizen and presented himself to four college students on the Facebook social networking site by stating, “I will take you to Canada and England.”

After thereafter, the defendant pretended to be from Canada and called four college students on various days in May and June 2022. Because fingerprints are collected from semen and gold, “a person from the British Embassy will come to carry out the case for you, so take a bed and wait.”

The allegations stated that after forcing them into the bed, he assumed a different identity, went to the bedroom, and forced them to have intercourse.

The indictment also claims that the defendant stole 20.7 grams of gold total from each of the students at the private university, which was necessary for fingerprint analysis. They received more than 500,000 birr for each case, according to the accusation.

The indictment also made note of the defendant’s arrest during a surveillance operation after the police received a tip on the day she was scheduled to receive the phone handset from one of the four private victims, instructing her to bring a “iPhone” mobile phone for the case’s execution. As a result, the defendant was accused of violating the rules of Article 692/1 of the Criminal Code, which was passed in 2004 , on four overlapping counts of fraud.

The accused admitted his guilt when the charge was received and read aloud in court. Six witnesses, including private victims, who the Ministry of Justice’s Bole division prosecutor believes can shed light on how the crime was committed were presented.

The Federal High Court considered the testimony from the Bole Category 2 RTD criminal trial and found that the prosecution’s testimony had demonstrated that the accused had committed the crime. The court decided that the accused should be allowed to defend himself in the article in which he was charged.

After two weeks, the defendant will show up in court to defend himself.

Source. Journalist Tarik Adugna

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