An Ezema party member died after being beaten by government security forces

After being severely beaten by police during a fight that broke out between his friends, Gashaw Latse passed away ten days ago. For the past three years, Gashaw Latse has actively participated in Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema) in the South Ethiopia Region, Gamo Zone, and the Arbaminch neighbourhood of Zaise Special District.

The party maintained that one of the police’s actions resulted in the party member’s death and that the police had utilised unlawful means to resolve the conflict. 28 party members were arrested after striking the Kebele fence of Ezema members who were keeping a close eye on the deceased’s case.

According to Ezema, the government security guards who killed the member are in custody. It said, “We expect that accountability will prevail following due process of law.”

Any government security force should prosecute those who are the root of the problem in any given area. We also strongly condemn the illegality that has grown to be culture when we witness such individuals engaging in such discriminatory behaviour, depriving the honourable human body, and taking lives. The party  stated.

In order to ensure that the security forces it dispatches are professionally and ethically trained to integrate into society and uphold the rule of law, it was requested that the government fulfil its obligation and take appropriate legal action against those who violate this.

Ezema conveyed its sincere grief over the loss of its young member and wished  the deceased   family, friends, and relatives a quick recovery.

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