Ashewa Technology Solutions expands business with strategic MoUs, enhancing market reach and payment solutions

With the intention of expanding its business, Ashewa Technology Solutions, a promising digital technology firm, signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with HayaSebat Marketing and Branding and SantimPay Financial Solutions.

Ashewa, a company formed to offer e-commerce and other digital services, stated during the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony on Tuesday, May 21, that the deal will permit it to grow its business.

Daniel Bekele, CEO of Ashewa, stated that the company’s goal with HayaSebat is to increase sales and marketing, in addition to providing advice on business strategy and other relevant aspects that would improve the business.

Aschalew Tamiru, CEO of HayaSebat Marketing and Branding, said that “institutional building is our priority, besides providing support in marketing and brand building,” and that his firm employs 15 people.

The CEO of HayaSebat Marketing and Branding revealed that his organization would assist Ashewa with enterprise resource planning (ERP), a significant project in which the digital firm is involved. “In addition to supporting the development of marketing and corporate strategy, we are also building the company’s brand,” Aschalew said. “Besides advancing its brand, we will assist Ashewa in realizing its full potential,” he stated during the signing ceremony.

The agreement between Ashewa and SantimPay, according to Ashewa CEO, aims to provide Ashewa consumers with convenient, sustainable, and alternative payment options. He added, “The agreement is transformative and strategic for our company and customers.” According to Tinsae Desalegn, CEO of SantimPay, a fintech company that offers banks, retailers, and consumers cutting-edge payment solutions, Ashewa develops and supplies technological services, and “we will facilitate the payment.” “When we work together, we can efficiently grow the market,” stated the CEO of SantimPay, a platform that currently processes over 110 million transactions per day.

Ashewa stated that more than 15 software solutions developed by the company are being utilized by both public and private organizations. With more than 200 employees and a subscribed capital of over 325 million birr, Ashewa has significantly contributed to modernizing the business sphere in the country.

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