Authorities to Repatriate 245 Ethiopian Migrants Stranded in Malawi

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia is set to repatriate 245 migrants detained in Malawi for illegal entry in collaboration with the International Migration Organisation (IOM), according to the Ministry of Foreign affairs (MoFA).

The ministry sent a team of experts to Malawi after the Malawian authorities discovered 25 bodies of Ethiopian migrants in a mass grave. 

During their seven-day-long stay, the experts held discussions with Malawi’s Foreign Ministry, Police, and Immigration officials.

The topic of the discussions involve the status of the investigation into the death of migrants, accountability of criminals, and Ethiopians in Malawi prison, MoFA’s spokesperson office said on Sunday.

The office said six suspected criminals have been arrested in connection with the death of the migrants, and their cases are currently being seen in the Malawian high court.

The Malawi Police are hunting additional suspects implicated in the crime.

The team also managed to reach an agreement with Malawi officials for the release of  Ethiopians imprisoned for illegal entry with amnesty. An agreement has been reached with IOM Malawi Mission to repatriate the Ethiopians back to their country, the spokesperson office said.

The team concluded its stay in Malawi on Saturday and is currently in Zambia to look into another unfortunate incident involving Ethiopian migrants.

The team is tasked to “confirm the identities of the citizens who allegedly lost their lives’ while attempting to cross into South Africa illegally.”

The bodies of 27 men, believed to be migrants from Ethiopia, were found on the outskirts of Lusaka on Sunday, December 10, 2022.

Ethiopian migrants often use Zambia and Malawi as transit to reach South Africa.

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