You are currently viewing Dashen Bank and Ethiopian Airlines have joined up to launch a brand-new initiative named “Fly Now Pay Later”

Dashen Bank and Ethiopian Airlines have joined up to launch a brand-new initiative named “Fly Now Pay Later”

Passengers purchasing tickets on Ethiopian Airlines (ET) have the option to “fly now and pay later” by arranging an installment plan with Dashen Bank through a unique scheme.

Travellers who want to purchase their tickets using the airline’s new Dashen  payment option must either register for a new Dashen account or log in with an existing one in order to receive credit.

One of the main objectives of the project, according to Yohannes Million, Chief Digital Banking Officer of Dashen Bank said, is to make it possible for ET customers who want to travel overseas for vacation, health, or other reasons but are unable to pay for it in advance to do so.

Lemma Yadecha ( L) ,Yohannes Million( R)

“With this plan, they can pay in installments each month and travel without any hassles,” he said.

“We believe it is critical to modernise our technology and systems. System is one of our strategic growth pillars, and we continue to actively engage in adopting cutting-edge technology as part of our efforts to prioritise the demands of our consumers. We are pleased to present a new payment solution called “Fly Now, Pay Later,” which will increase customer happiness by offering greater payment flexibility. The new payment option from Dashen Bank is now available in our mobile app. “

“Having Ethiopian Airlines as a partner makes us very happy. Our two brands are very similar since they both put the needs of the customer first. Passengers on Ethiopian Airlines can now opt to fly now and pay later thanks to this arrangement. It also confirms that the clients need different kinds of online tenders. Being a member of Ethiopian Airlines’ endeavour to revolutionise air travel is an honour.” He added.

Lemma Yadecha, Group Chief Commercial Officer of Ethiopian Airlines, praised the good collaboration between the Ethiopian and Dashen Bank , saying, “At Ethiopian, we place great value on system and technology modernization. System is one of our strategic growth pillars, and we actively pursue the adoption of state-of-the-art technology in order to give our customers’ needs first priority. We are happy to introduce “Fly Now, Pay Later,” a new payment option that will improve customer satisfaction by providing more flexibility with payments. Our mobile app currently offers Dashen Bank’s new payment option. We’ll work even harder to integrate our system with other domestic banks’ best practices.

“We really considered how we could help families and low- to middle-class travellers when we were designing this product, but paying in installments is also a great way to enjoy Ethiopian Airline’s renowned premium cabins.”

“Ethiopian Airlines is known for investing heavily in providing exceptional customer care, and their recently introduced new payment option is just another example of this. We recognise that even if our customers might not always have the money to go, they nevertheless share our enthusiasm for flying. We can now send passengers to their desired destinations without worrying about going broke because of our partnership with Dashen.”

The bank press release  reads that the credit period for this service is set for six to twelve months, and the credit limit can be renewed at the end of the credit tenure. Dashen Bank’s IT department has developed a desktop application that is integrated with the Ethiopian Airlines’ FlyGate application. Ethiopian Airlines, through its booking system, will provide confirmed passenger flight bookings and services upon successful payment confirmation received from Dashen Bank through FlyGate.

To use this service, customers will receive a spending limit from the Dashen Bank branch and an SMS confirmation that should be entered into Ethiopian Mobile app to purchase flight tickets. Passenger flight tickets can be purchased once or multiple times, up to the facility limit. 

The credit limit is determined based on the customers’ borrowing capacity, up to a maximum of 600 thousand birr. The Fly Now Pay Later payment strategy has increasingly gained popularity in the travel industry.

Ethiopian Airlines operates 157 weekly international departures from Addis Ababa to 53 international destinations, for a total of 410 weekly international departures worldwide.

On December 30, 1945, Ethiopian Airlines was established by Emperor Haile Selassie

Dashen, which was founded in 1995, made Birr 5 billion in profit before taxes in the most recent Ethiopian fiscal year, a 31.9% increase over the same period the year before.

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