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Dashen Bank presents prizes to the winners of the entrepreneurial competition

Dashen Bank’s “Dashen Heights” entrepreneurial competition saw 2,500 competitors compete in its second phase, with their works appraised. Two million and fifty thousand birr was awarded to the victors of rounds one through ten.

First place went to Ahmed Delil, Solomon Megerssa, and Hebalawe Aleleni, who made edible flour from “Enset”.

In second place was Bizuayhu Gembre, who created a tool for the blind.

Amar Addis and Abebaw Demeke placed third with their presentation of a threshing machine for wheat and maize.

The first competitor received 500,000 birr, the second received 400,000 birr, the third received 300,000 birr, the fourth received 200,000 birr, and the fifth participant received 150,000 birr in the programme held at the Sheraton Addis Hotel this evening.
The competitors who placed sixth through tenth each received a prize of 100,000 Birr.

Dashen Bank’s president, Asfaw Alemu, said at the prize presentation that the bank organised this competition to fulfil its social obligations.

“Entrepreneurship not only helps people implement their ideas and solve societal and national problems, but it also creates jobs for other people.

We are appreciative of our bank’s actions. My compliments go out to the competition winners. In addition to offering assistance, the bank would work with the winners,” he said.

Nigusu Tilahun, the state minister of labour and skills, went on to suggest that entrepreneurs and inventors may find a lot of inspiration in this kind of competition.

Nigusu Tilahun

As a government agency, we recently provided over a million dollars to 260 entrepreneurs who required the capital to launch or grow their businesses. It is imperative that Dashen Bank’s competition support inventors and entrepreneurs. Because we may have development that helps both the nation and the world when we support ideas that become reality and produce something that will create jobs and solve nations’ problems “added the speaker.

There was training available in six places before the competition: Addis Ababa, Adama, Dredawa, Hawassa, Bahar Dar, and Dese cities. More than 6,000 rivals have signed up to present their theories on competitiveness at the main office and branch offices of the bank.

More than 6,000 contestants have registered at the bank’s main office and branches to display their theories about competition. Prior to the competition, six cities—Addis Ababa, Adama, Dredawa, Hawassa, Bahr Dar, and Dese cities—received training.

In order to inspire them to be more creative and acquire knowledge and skills, the trainees were asked to tour particular industries and prominent investors to share their work experiences with them.

The primary factors apparently taken into account while selecting the participants were the creative work’s originality, its ability to solve societal challenges, its ability to replace imported items, and its ability to involve unemployed youth in each area. The innovative ideas that each centre submitted were used to choose the contenders.

The third round of the Dashen Height height competition is set to begin. It has been stated that about forty judges competed to preside over the concluded second round competition.

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