Things are heating up between the core of the ‘deep state’ and voters/citizens. Situations have gotten so bad that elected high officials are forced to play second fiddle (when it comes to running the country’s affairs.) Even the US president, considered the most powerful person on the planet, doesn’t seem to have much of a leeway in areas where the deep state has big stakes. Currently, the ‘intelligence’ & the ‘media’ are giving presidents a run for their money! It helps to recall our definition of the deep state: It is the-military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex. We feel all other organs of the bureaucracy that favor ‘deep statism’ and devoutly play by its hidden rules, by and large, are either mere derivatives of the above entities or are compromised elements of elected officialdom!

To be sure, bona fide ‘deep states’ are (predominantly) features of industrially advanced democratic countries. The operation of the ‘deep state’, supported by technology, is quite deep in the West, even though the Western sheeple doesn’t seem to be acutely disturbed about the situation. Nevertheless, recent happenstances in places like the UK & US seem to indicate the sheeple’s increased awareness of the deep state’s studied manipulation. Here is the kind of reaction that is brewing in the make believe world of the ‘deep state.’ Not very long ago, a UK general announced that he would not hesitate to remove officials from power, by force, if they become prime minster! In the US; the unprecedented bantering (unseen in generations) between the President and the media, as well as the intelligence community’s systemic maneuvering to undermine the President’s policies is something that has shocked the sheeple all over. The sheeple, in its own clumsy ways, seems to have resolved that such blatant tendencies, if allowed to continue, are bound to emasculate Western countries’ democratic tradition. Election rigging in many countries of the world is one of the routine businesses of the ‘deep state’, as recently reveled by Wikileaks (CIA methodically engages in electioneering of even friendly countries of Western Europe, to accomplish/forge deep state’s desired outcome.) Unbeknownst to many in the West, (at least up to now), these are the kind of things the ‘deep state’ is immeasurably accomplished in! Such things are proofs that whatever the sheeple decides on, it cannot be taken seriously, unless approved by the powerful state (deep state) behind the formal elected state!

In the freer countries of the OECD (rich world), the sheeple is willing (more and more) to resort to public referendums to make its voice heard. Following orders from sterile bureaucrats stationed thousands of miles away and utterly detached from the sheeple’s reality have had its days. From the look of things, the desire of the western sheeple seems to be, amongst other things, the recapturing of sovereignty and devolvement or decentralization. We can infer that the sheeple’s current strategy to accomplishing these objectives is full democracy (people’s power) or failing that, chaos. The old trick of the establishment that leveraged ‘trickle down economics’ via capitalism or crony capitalism to be more precise is now passé. So far, the ‘deep state’ has not managed to fully take over all ‘election processes’ (in the West), hence the sheeple still has some room to articulate as well as air its grievances through newly formed political parties, except in places like the US where the electioneering game is rigged against newcomers. As it stands, it is almost impossible to have a new political party emerge in the ‘land of the free and home of the brave.’ At times, the US ‘deep state’ resembles the ‘Mafia State’ to which we Africans are quite familiar with. Be that as it may, the battle between the ‘deep state’ and the ‘sheeple’ is hitting up in the first world. Who will ultimately prevail is anybody’s guess!

Despite the superciliously intended misnomer, ‘Populism’ is a push, a ‘common sense’ one at that, to stop entrenched and crazed parasites from destroying life on our planet. If truth be told, the prevailing modern world system, run by moronic elites, doesn’t even have the precious God given life as the overriding purpose of collective social existence. To these cretins, life comes second, only after the greedy pursuit of material accumulation. Nonetheless, what these characters want to insinuate is very clear; they want to tell global humanity they are the all-knowing experts, (on all and sundry) while the populous is without analysis/thinking! In fact, the over used word ‘elite’ is itself a misnomer, given the level of stupidity that prevails within the ranks of the ruling cliques all over the world. For instance, the founding fathers of the US were ‘elites’ (with all their human failings) in the best sense of the word. They employed their outstanding capacity, not only to govern, but also to reflect/articulate fundamental concepts, not only to improve situations in general governance, but also in philosophy, religions, science, etc. Thomas Jefferson used his bed to partition two rooms. On one side of his bed was his bedroom and on the other side, his library. Jefferson, unlike many of our ignorant leaders, was well acquainted, amongst other things, with Euclid’s Elements (mathematics.) Besides being the main author of the ‘Declaration of Independence’, he also designed the campus of the University of Virginia as well as his own Italian inspired mansion, etc. etc.

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