Diaspora and Local Experts Link up at Innovative Event in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – An innovative event dedicated to connecting and inspiring diaspora with home-based experts from all sectors has officially started in on Wednesday.

The two-day event is being held in Addis Ababa under the theme ‘Connecting diaspora and home-based professionals to make a lasting Impact’.

Its organisers said the event aims at tapping into the collective knowledge of the diaspora and local experts to provide innovative solutions for Ethiopia’s current and future challenges.

The hybrid event, simultaneously virtual as well as in person, has brought more than 200 “carefully selected individuals” together from the diaspora and home-based experts from various sectors.

The first day program has showcased the power of effective partnerships in today’s fast-paced, interconnected world to provide ground-breaking results, according to the organizers.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Huria Ali, State Minister of Innovation and Technology (MoIT) highlighted that the government is currently focusing on building a digital economy that will be led by the private sector.

The state minister assured that the government will support the diaspora and the private sector’s work in the sector,

Huria called on the Diaspora to engage in activities that generate foreign currency, job opportunities for the youth taking the demand at the Global Market into consideration.

The ongoing innovative event incorporats hands-on ‘Hackathon for Change sessions’ on women leadership, outsourcing, sport for change, skill and employment, digitization and social entrepreneurship where experts with the right skill set are brought together to work collectively on solving strategic challenges “presented by purpose-driven Ethiopian leaders”.

This year’s event, organized by R&D Group and is four partners, comes at the most opportune moment of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming call by the government.

“Ethiopia is filled with energetic youth and we can utilize that energy to make changes and use the public private partnerships with an impact driven people from local expertise and diaspora,” said Rahel Boon, Managing Partner of R&D.

“Success can come from willingness of people who want to impact life.” she said calling on the diaspora and the local experts to fulfil the need to develop actionable solutions.


Featured Image Caption: Huria Ali, State Minister of Innovation and Technology, giving an opening speech of the two-day event, organized by R&D Group, RBD Consultancy, and ORTEC Sports along with team and partners, Prosource HR Solutions, CAWEE, and 251communications.

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