Djibouti logisticians attend conference in India to bolster transshipment in the horn

Djibouti logistic companies attend the MOL Toyofuji Automotive Logistics conference with the aim of boosting the horn of Africa’s ports transshipment hub.
During the conference which was held for the first time after COVID 19 in Chennai, India, senior officials of PDSA Doraleh Multipurpose Port (DPM), and the shipping agency SAVON and Ries participated in the conference.
According to the information Capital obtained from DMP, the conference which was organized by MOL Toyofuji Automotive Logistics (INDIA), focused primarily on stevedoring transshipment and vehicle handling issues.
As DMP officials explain, the objective of the mission was to further develop the activity of transshipment on Djibouti and thus make it an essential hub. Djibouti’s transshipment activity has expanded in the past few years, while the logistics companies in the country are also working strongly to expand the promising logistics business besides serving neighboring countries particularly Ethiopia, so as to expand their revenue.
At the conference, the quality of service provided by DMP, which is one of the ultra-modern port facilities in Djibouti, was unanimously recognized by its customers, according to the information Capital obtained from Djibouti.
MOL Toyofuji Automotive Logistics is a company formed by the Japanese company, MOL ACE, to transport completed cars for India’s domestic market and export trades.
DMP announced that the Djibouti team met with MOL ACE executives who attended the conference.
MOL, a car carrier company, is pioneer in technological advances, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

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