DMP once again confirms its expertise in handling solid bulk

The Multipurpose Port of Doraleh continues to achieve remarkable milestones, this time by efficiently unloading the first shipments of the fertilizer season in record time.

As the Ethiopian fertilizer season is in full swing, the MV BREADFAN arrived at the DMP docks, carrying 54,403 metric tons of fertilizer. This was followed by the upcoming arrival of the MV SABAEK on January 16, 2024. The MV SABAEK, a Post Panamax vessel measuring 250 meters in length and 44 meters in width, is an impressive carrier transporting 96,000 metric tons of fertilizer destined for Ethiopia. These substantial quantities of fertilizer highlight the significance of the operations at the DMP port.

On January 10, the management of PDSA DMP warmly welcomed Meaza Abera, the General Director of the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Company, and her team. Discussions revolved around the operational aspects related to Ethiopian fertilizers.

The General Director expressed her utmost satisfaction with the performance and productivity of DMP, emphasizing her confidence in the work accomplished. In response, the Director General of DMP, Djama Ibrahim Darar, expressed gratitude to the Director General of the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Company and her team for their visit to Djibouti.

He acknowledged that this achievement was the result of a collective effort, stating, “It is an honor and a source of pride for DMP to reaffirm its expertise in the field of solid bulk.” The efficient handling and timely unloading of the fertilizer shipments at the DMP port demonstrate the port’s commitment to excellence and its ability to meet the demands of the fertilizer season.

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