ECA engages media as partners in data production and sharing

The African Centre for Statistics (ACS) at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) hosted a webinar on the need to improve relationship between producers of statistics and the media in order to enhance end user experience.
“Data generated by producers of official statistics are critical for planning, decision making, monitoring and evaluation of public policies. The media, therefore, is an essential vehicle to ensure that such data is transmitted and shared with all stakeholders,” said ACS Director, Oliver Chinganya.
The session was organised in partnership with AFRISTAT, INSEE, ONS-UK and PARIS2, under the theme “Media Engagement in Official Statistics: How and Why?”
Kenyan journalist, Wanjohi Kabukuru, deplored the fact that some National Statistical Offices (NSOs) make it difficult and sometimes impossible for journalists to access official statistics.
Kabukuru urged NSOs to aspire to be primary sources of data rather than deny access for journalists who end up getting the same information from secondary sources – usually international organisations – to which NSOs furnish data.
“When you give data you control the narrative,” he added.

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