ECSOC calls for de-escalation of conflict

The Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOC) said that it is deeply worried and saddened by the recurrence of armed conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia.
The armed conflict has brought unspeakable human suffering and enormous destruction of physical infrastructures.
The Council strongly urges and calls for calmness and de-escalation of the situation. Honoring the humanitarian truce is vital both for the supply of humanitarian aid and to pave the way for peacemaking efforts.
ECSOC also strongly underscores that disagreements of any sort should be addressed through political dialogue. To this end, the Council appeals for the peace process to resume immediately and for both sides to recommence the process in good faith to save the country and its citizens from another round of devastation.
Therefore, the Council calls upon the African Union to continue to play its role with the highest sense of urgency directly engaging the Federal government and the TPLF with the aim of reaching a peace settlement the priority.

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