EHRC Reveals Human Rights Photography & Short Film Competition Winners

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission or EHRC has unveiled the winners of its Photography and Short Film Competition.

The event on Monday launched the third edition of the Human Rights Film Festival that the Commission has been organizing since 2021. It marks the International Human Rights Day.

The previous two editions of the Festival screened 15 short films and documentaries prepared in different languages. This year, a photography category has been added to the competition that seeks to highlight the significance of human rights through the lens of art.

In total, 160 creators submitted their artworks in three categories to the Commission between Oct 03 and Nov 10, 2023. The entries this year were able to showcase “impressive creativity, passion, and dedication to human rights are inspiring,” per the Commission.

The EHRC shortlisted entries that “stood out for their exceptional artwork” last week and unveiled the top three prize winners of each category on Monday.

Best Photographs

The photography category saw both amateurs and professionals showcase their best on the topic of the right to adequate housing.

Eyob Fentaw’s photograph entitled “Hulet Alem” or (loosely translated as ‘Two Worlds’) has been chosen as the winner.

The photo depicts a child sleeping on the rubble with a glass beside him reflecting a villa house.

Meaza Ayalew’s “Semi Yata Chuhet” and Mekdelawit Aseffa’s “Gojjo” took the second and third spots, respectively.

Best Short Films (amateurs)

The short film competition showcased the best of amateur and professional filmmakers from around the country with a focus on the right to life.

Both amateurs and professionals were allowed to participate in the first mobile short film (up to 9 minutes) category.

Adisu Demeke has taken the top spot award for his work titled ‘Sile Hiwot”. “Emhilewot” by Kidane Habtamu was placed second while “Hangatu” by Maruf Enderase finished third.

Best Short Fielms (Profesionals)

The second category for either documentary or fictional work with a maximum duration of 25 minutes was open to professional filmmakers.

Ahmed Abdu’s short film, entitled “Lemin?” Or ”Why?” has been chosen as the winner. Alemeshet Tadesse’s work, “Tabu” has taken the second spot while Bereket Tesfaye’s film “Tesfa” finished third.

Winners of the competition received their cash prizes while selected entries were put on the show at the opening event of the Human Rights Film Festival in Addis Ababa. The Festival will continue in other across the country including Assosa, Gambella, Hawassa, Jigjiga, Jimma, Mekelle, and Semera.

The festival being held under the EHRC’s motto of “All Human Rights For All At All Times” is part of the International Human Rights Day celebration. The Commission says “This year’s observance holds special significance,” marking the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The 2023 Winners

Top three Photographs

40,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Hulet Alem” by Eyob Fantahun’s

30,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Semi Yata Chuhet” by Meaza Ayalew

20,000 Cash Prize
“Gojjo” by Mekdelawit Aseffa

Top three Short Films (amateur)

50,000 Birr Cash Prize
‘Sile Hiwot” by Adisu Demeke

40,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Emhilewot” by Kidane Habtamu was second while

30,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Hangatu” by Maruf Enderase

Top three Short Films (professionals)

150,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Lemin?” by Ahmed Abdu

120,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Tabu” by Alemeshet Tadesse

100,000 Birr Cash Prize
“Tesfa” by Bereket Tesfaye

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