Embassy of the republic of POLAND

Toyota Landcruiser V8 GX
Fuel used Diesel
Engine capacity in cm3 4461 cm3
Year of manufacture 2008
Gearbox Manual
Number of gears 5
Color Silver
Millage 165 180 km
Starting price 54 000,00 USD
Possible payment methods Cash or bank transfer
 The tender, together with the required documents, must be submitted in a sealed envelope.
 The envelope must be addressed:
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Addis Ababa
Dej. Belay Zeleke Road, Gulele sub-City, Kebele 08, House No 583, P.O. Box 27207/1000 Addis Ababa
 The envelope should bear the inscription: “Bid in the tender for the sale of a vehicle”
 Offers should be submitted on Monday – Friday between 9:00 to 14:30, no later than 4th March 2024.
 The condition of participation in the tender is a deposit of 10% of the starting price
of the sold vehicle.
 The submitted offer is confirmed by immediate payment of a deposit paid in cash
at the cash desk of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Addis Ababa in the amount of 10% of the starting
price, i.e. 5 400,00 USD (five thousand four hundred USD).
 Failure to put the deposit is a reason for automatic disqualification of the bid.
 The deposit must be paid before the deadline for submission of offers, cash is the only acceptable payment
 The deposit submitted by the bidders whose offers were not selected or were rejected, will be returned by the
seller within 7 days from the date of selection or rejection of the offer, respectively.
 The viewing of the tender car in Embassy of Poland from 5th February 2024 till 4th March 2024 (9:00 – 14:30).
Please contact +251 11 157 41 89 or +251 11 157 41 90 to make an appointment.
 More information available at https://www.gov.pl/web/ethiopia/news

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