ET Real Estate & Home Expo set for Next Week

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia Real Estate and Home Expo, an annual gathering of local and international home developers showcasing the latest offers and solutions, is set to be held in the capital next week.

The fifth edition of the home expo comes at a time when the demand for residential houses in urban Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa, has dramatically risen over the past years.

The Ethiopian’s economy rapid growth has placed increasing pressure on urban areas, as individuals transition from rural upbringings to urban environments.

According to data from the World Bank, Ethiopia’s urban land and urban population are expected to grow significantly in the coming years and bring with it an increased need for housing.

The real estate market has already experienced significant growth and data suggests there will be more opportunities for real estate developers to provide new projects.

The home expo has been serving as a platform to bring together thousands of visitors and home developers under one roof for the last four years.

The organizer 251 Communications and Marketing Plc, said it has now finalized preparations to host the home expo from Dec 17 and 18 2022 at the Skylight Hotel.

The event is expected to be a one-stop destination to fulfill housing, furnishing, and finishing needs by bringing developers and home accessories suppliers in Ethiopia under one roof.

It will also showcase a wide range of real estate properties and services to potential home seekers.

“We are thrilled to offer Ethiopia’s premier Real Estate and Home Expo for the 5th year,” said Cydney Ross, CEO of the organizing firm.

“As the number of real estate developers and the ecosystem to support these new projects increases, it is incredibly important to create opportunities for people to discover new providers and developers, and to conduct their own face-to-face research – the real estate expo is the best opportunity for that to be done,” she added.

The Home expo will officially be opened on Dec 17 in the presence of Higher governmental officials, Invited guests, and members of the media.

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