Ethio Telecom Launches VoLTE, three New Value-Added Services

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom says it has introduced Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) and three new value-added services.

The Telco is currently implementing a strategy to drive profitable growth focussing not only on expanding its customers base but also adding new services to unlock revenues from the existing ones.

The new services launched on Friday “will significantly enhance customer experience,” said the company with 35.1 million data and internet subscribers as of Nov 2023.

The Voice over Long-Term Evolution or VoLE service is one of the four products made available for 4G/5G users.

The technology enables users to enjoy high-quality HD video and voice calls while seamlessly accessing the internet and making phone calls simultaneously. It also allows customers to access reliable roaming and interconnect services while traveling abroad.

The tariff is similar to the existing normal voice tariff with no subscription fee required to start using the service, according to Ethio Telecom.

Three New Value-Added Services

Along with VoLTE, the Telecom operator also launched three new value-added services to its customers.

The first Rich Communication Service (RCS) / Rich Business Messaging (RBM) offers unlimited capabilities for individuals and businesses to share video, photos, emojis, voice messages, and addresses (location).

Furthermore, the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), the telco says, empowers users to send and receive video, voice, and text messages of up to 1600 characters without requiring the internet. It also enables users to know the time the message has been received and read.

Ethio Telecom has also made Voice Mail Service (VMS) available for its customers. The service enables users to record, deliver voice messages to recipients, and store and retrieve messages at any time and any place.

It also allows users to leave a voice message when they are unable to reach the recipient due to network coverage or any other reason.

Ethio Telecom currently provides more than 200 local and international products and services for more than 73 million customers.

This customer base is expected to get bigger this year by 8.4% to 78 million along with its annual revenues projected to grow by 19.4% growth to 90.5 billion Birr, from 75.8 Billion birr last 2022/23 fiscal year.

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