Ethio Telecom to Implement Smart Fire and Emergency Management System in Addis

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has agreed to put in place smart fire and emergency management solutions in the capital.

The telco signed the implementation agreement Innovation and Technology Development Bureau of the Addis Ababa city administration on Tuesday.

The agreement will enable the two institutions to collaborate to address challenges related to emergency management by modernizing the response system.

It aims to significantly reduce response time, and increase data collection and feedback delivery capacity for fast interlink between branch outlets and the main solution center.

“It will also allow for modernizing the emergency procedure, providing effective and efficient emergency response, and demand-based infrastructures optimization,” the telco says.

Per the agreement, Ethio Telecom will build and deliver a full-fledged smart emergency contact center solution management.

It involves unified communication (contact center), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), integration of field emergency response staff with a Mobile CAD application, and vehicle management for enhanced emergency tasks.

The telecom company will also ensure 24/7 system operation by deploying efficient professionals, providing training and SLA support as well as system configuration and set up.

Recently, Ethio Telecom concluded similar agreements to deploy technologies and digital solutions including for the Addis Ababa Smart City project.

These agreements are driven by the aspiration to go “beyond connectivity,” and to realize the vision of a digital Ethiopia, according to the Telco.

“Our company would further strengthen these technology and service deployment initiatives with a view to revolutionize service provisioning, ease the lives of citizens, and enhance the day-to-day business activities,” the company indicates.

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