Ethiopia prohibits the importing of vehicles running on petrol

According to Alemu Sime, Minister of Transport and Logistics, individuals who are unaware of the prohibition on fuel-powered car imports are purchasing and bringing in these vehicles.

Alemu said this while giving a report on the implementation of the six-month plan and testifying before the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on Urban Infrastructure and Transport.

After that, the minister stated, “The government has decided not to import any domestic automobile into Ethiopia if it is not electric.”

“Electricity is produced in Ethiopia and again, the price of electricity is cheaper compared to fuel,” the minister said, referring to the vast amount of electricity produced locally.

“Ethiopia is a supporter of green development, and it is a country that is working hard for that,” the minister continued. He said that the best way to reduce air pollution is to drive electric automobiles instead of gasoline-powered ones.

The minister went on to say that infrastructure for charging electric vehicles might be available because they are manufactured extensively worldwide and utilised in the country’s cities.

The minister emphasised that any private utility vehicle imported from overseas must be electric and mentioned that some people had purchased and brought gasoline-powered cars, to which they replied, “We have not heard of this,” adding that it is illegal.

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