Ethiopia to establish nuclear science and technology center

Ethiopia has initiated a nuclear science and technology center aimed at leveraging the sector for peaceful purposes, including electricity generation. This new center will be sustainably managed to ensure long-term benefits.

As a member of the African Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Development of Nuclear Science and Technology Research (AFRA), Ethiopia is set to enhance its utilization of nuclear technology. This announcement was made by the Minister of Innovation and Technology at the 35th meeting of the AFRA Technical Working Group, which has been taking place in Addis Ababa over the past four days. During this meeting, African member states discussed their advancements and challenges in the field of nuclear science and technology.

Established in April 1990, AFRA is an intergovernmental agreement among African member states designed to bolster the continent’s contributions to socioeconomic development through nuclear science and technology, with an annual budget of €10 million. It provides a framework for member states to enhance cooperation through programs and projects that address their shared interests.

Despite being one of the founding member states, Ethiopia has not fully benefited from the nuclear science and technology sector. To address this, the country is currently working on 29 cooperative projects in the field.

Nigeria has chaired the Nuclear Science Cooperation for African Nations for the past year, and Ethiopia will take over the chairmanship of the 35th AFRA Technology Work Loans Summit for the next year. Nuclear science in Ethiopia is utilized across various sectors, including health, agriculture, education, electricity, industry, and space science research.

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