Ethiopia Welcomes Power-sharing Deal in Sudan

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has welcomed the power-sharing agreement between the civilian and military components of Sudan. 

Abdulla Hamdok, who was deposed by the military on October 25, reinstated as interim premier after signing a deal with Sudan’s top general on Sunday to restore the transition to civilian rule.

In a statement Tuesday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed Ethiopia’s hope that the agreement would bring peace and stability in Sudan in particular and to the sub-region in general.

The 14-point deal between Hamdok and the military ensures him the “power and the authority” to form an independent and technocratic government.

Ethiopia’s foreign ministry has described the reinstatement of Hamdok as Prime Minister and his empowerment to form his cabinet as “commendable”.

“The government of Ethiopia also appreciates the reinstatement of all institutions of the transitional period and the affirmation to make the constitutional declaration the legitimate governance document,” the Ministry said.

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