Ethiopia will send 500,000 women to work as domestic helpers in Arab nations

It was made known that the government intended to send 500,000 women to work in Ethiopia this year in Arab nations, particularly Saudi Arabia.

All of the Amhara region’s zones, according to Addis Malala, offer training to young women who want to work in Arab nations.

For instance, three training facilities have been set up, and in Mota, Debre Markos, and Dejen, women over the age of 18 will receive training in housekeeping and other essential job skills.

Following the training, the first flight of the year will begin one month later, taking the willing women to Saudi Arabia. The training will be provided by the government for free and last for 20 days.

Priority is given to women who have completed their undergraduate or graduate degrees, who have not received training but are willing to go, who want to travel as returnees, who have no felony convictions, and who are ready to undergo training.

The first half of the pre-trained, enthusiastic college-aged women will depart for the trip after a month. It is said that the remaining women will follow.

Saudi Arabia has recently resumed hiring Ethiopian laborers, three years after ceasing to use domestic workers from Africa.

Saudi officials proposed that in order to assist with this, the Saudi employer and employee agencies begin conducting business easily through the Addis Abeba Embassy.

It should be noted, though, that since the previous year, the government has been returning many citizens who are struggling in Saudi Arabia.

There may be more than 750 000 Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia. Of these, it is said that over 450 000 entered the country illegally.

As a result, it’s believed that thousands of Ethiopians were imprisoned and tortured in Saudi Arabia.

The Ethiopian government gives priority to mothers, children, and senior citizens from Ethiopia who are suffering in Riyadh and other Saudi prisons; it is known that Ethiopian Airlines operates up to nine flights per week to bring them home.

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