Ethiopian Customs Commission Collects 54 Billion Birr in 5 Months

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Customs Commission (ECC) on Monday announced it has collected over 54 billion Birr revenues in the last five months.

The figure has shown a 18.5 percent or 8.2 billion Birr increase as compared to the same period a year earlier.

The Authorities at the Commission plans to collect at least 155 billion Birr in the current 2022/22 fiscal year, that began in July 8.

Last year, they achieved 89.5 percent of their annual target and collected 112.5 billion Birr.

Crackdown on Contraband Trade

The Commission also said it is working on a number of strategies to prevent and control illegal trade and smuggling.

In the past four months alone, contraband items worth 1.2 billion Birr were seized while they were being smuggled into the country.

In the same period, goods worth 265.2 million Birr were also captured while they were about to be transported out of the country, illegally.

A total of 293 suspects were arrested in connection with the smuggling operation, the ECC said.

The ongoing crackdown on contraband trade, it said, will continue in collaboration with federal and regional security forces.

Since 2011 EC, the Acommission intercepted a total of 7.7 billion Birr worth of contraband items,

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