Ethiopian Defence Forces Recapture Lalibela Town

ADDIS ABABA – National defence force in collaboration with Amhara regional forces have recaptured Lalibela Town from TPLF forces.

Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed joined battlefield last week, the federal troops along with regional forces of Amhara and Afar started counter-offensive and managed to recapture several Towns and territories invaded by Tplf forces.

On Wednesday morning, the federal army and Amhara regional troops registered a significant victory in three battlefields and took control of key Towns including Gashna.

In the afternoon, the government communication services (GSC) announced they have also retaken Lalibela Town and its international airport.

The town is a U.N. World Heritage site and a home to famous rock-hewn churches.

The security forces are now marching to liberate Sekota Town and its surroundings, the GSC said.

[Photo ENA]

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