Ethiopian Marks March 8 with All-Women Functioned Flight to London

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines Group celebrated the 2024 International Women’s Day with an all-women-functioned flight to London-Heathrow on March 8.

The airline commemorated the day at the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, honoring women’s contribution to the aviation industry.

The celebration took place in the presence of government officials, ambassadors, and honorable guests alongside the women of Ethiopian Airlines, with the theme “Empowering Women: Connecting Africa.”

At the event, Mesfin Tasew, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, acknowledged the invaluable role of women in driving the success of Ethiopian Airlines.

“As staunch advocates of gender equality, we’re honored to have women professionals excelling in every facet of our operations, showcasing remarkable performance and dedication in their line of work.”

Ethiopian Airlines Group boasts women professionals in various areas of its operations including male-dominated line of work such as pilot, aircraft technician, and more.

“Today, we shine a spotlight on these trailblazers who are not only shaping the legacy of Ethiopian Airlines but also inspiring future generations of women in aviation,” Mesfin said, ahead of the launch of our all-women-operated flight to London to grace the day.

Captain Kalkidan Girma, the first Ethiopian female captain of the Airbus A350, commanded the flight from Addis Ababa to London.

Upon its arrival at Heathrow airport, the flight crew received a warm welcome. The delegation has visited landmark sites in London and had fruitful courtesy meetings with authorities and diplomats there

Before the plane’s departure, Captain Kalkidan stated, “This all-women-functioned flight initiative not only empowers women but also sends a powerful message about gender equality.”

“We want to inspire future generations of female aviators and we continue to lead the way in promoting gender equality within the aviation industry,” she added.

The airline has also been operating all-women-functioned flights to different parts of the world since 2015.

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