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Ethiopian PM addresses fair debt for Africa at the AU Assembly’s 37th Ordinary Session

The president of Brazil and the prime minister of Palestine were among the invited guests of the 37th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly (Heads of State and Government Session), which got underway in Addis Ababa today. Other African leaders were also present.

Fidel Post examined the speeches made by the president of Brazil, the head of the Africa Union, and the prime minister of Ethiopia.

What did Brazilian Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva  say at today’s gathering of African leaders?

I have visited 21 countries in Africa, including Addis Ababa, which I am currently in. This illustrates how committed my country is to working with Africa.

Half of brazlians still believes that they ancestors were from Africa.

Something has to change in the world order. It benefits a great deal of countries while hurting a lot of others.

Because technology has the potential to benefit a small number of individuals at the expense of the majority, we must embrace artificial intelligence in a way that does not result in the loss of jobs for people.

Development based on disliking a person’s skin tone is unproductive.

Arrears and unsecured loans are insufficient to promote economic growth.

What did Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed say?

Africa undoubtedly once had a global civilization, but colonisation has largely destroyed it.

What role do we, Africans, want to play in this evolving global power structure? And how do we become key players in the distribution of economic power?

The strategic approach of the colonial powers was centered around dismantling the core essence of our nations, undermining our knowledge, our spiritual and cultural heritage, replacing our ancient education systems with western style education that was introduced as being superior.

Africa’s striving Digital Economy. Majority on the continent have phones and mobile data is rapidly growing. We are starting to produce large datasets that the Al systems require /…/ to allow us to learn, make predictions, Inform our policies, and act. Having a robust Pan-African data governance strategy/…/aligned with the principles of Agenda 2063 /…/ will boost the continent’s competitiveness, ensure productive cross-border data flows, and protect individual rights.

Africa must contribute significantly to both the economy and global power.

International loans should have reasonable interest rates.
However, education must come first in Africa if inclusive growth is to take place. Ethiopia has opened more than 30,000 kindergartens in the previous five years, demonstrating its commitment to education.

Global technological progress has benefits, but there are also challenges for Africa’s growth.

If we want to end poverty, we have a long way to go in the fields of science, technology, and agriculture.

What did Chairman of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat say?

Nevertheless, global problems, poverty, conflict, instability, and climate change afflict Africa.

Africans must communicate, work through issues, and seek to understand one another.
East Africa is ill. Periodically, internal disagreements arise. Humans pass away. This ought not to go on. We ought to resolve disputes and promote harmony among people.

In accelerating free Trade area  in Africa  , progressive has been made but it is slow.

We vehemently condemn the slaughter of defenceless civilians in Gaza.

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