Ethiopians Celebrate Adwa Victory Day

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians are celebrating the 126th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa today.

The day marks the victory Ethiopians achieved in 1896 against the colonial Italian army at the Battle of Adwa.

Historians say the victory turned Ethiopia into an icon of liberty for black people worldwide while inspiring Africans and beyond to fight for independence.

In his congratulatory message for the celebration of the victory, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Adwa has also inspired Africans, Asians and South Americans to break the yoke of slavery and the burden of colonialism.

Above all, the Victory of Adwa is a bright monument that has taught the harsh consequences of trying to pose threats on Ethiopia, the PM said.

“We are fortunate to be able to celebrate the Victory of Adwa where our brave mothers and fathers have registered great triumph by rejecting colonialism and slavery as well as inferiority and humiliation.”

The celebration in Addis Ababa took place at Emperor Menelik II square with thousands of city residents in attendance on Wednesday morning.

Officials believe the current generation must draw inspiration from historic victory, and now join forces to fight poverty and backwardness in their nation.

“We must learn from the victory of Adwa that nothing will stop us if we stand together,” said President Sahle-work Zewde, while addressing the celebration of the victory.

Sahle-work noted that our forefathers accepted the call of Emperor Menelik II and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the nation by preferring death than colonialism.

“We have shown that nothing can stop us from working together to make Ethiopia a better place. Once again, on this day, I call upon all the people in Ethiopia to repeat the victory we gained in Adwa to defeat backwardness and misery in the country,” the President said.

Patriots, religious leaders, high level government officials, and members of the diplomatic community attended the celebration the 126th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa at the Square.

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