EU funded biogas project introduces digital platform

The Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) is set to introduce its Digital Matchmaking Platform. The Platform, an online networking tool for stakeholders in the biogas industry, is expected to bring biogas stakeholders from across the world and provide opportunities for matchmaking.
DiBiCoo was launched in October 2019 in Brussels, with a budget of 2.9 million Euros and has been working towards promotion of commercial biogas plants in Ethiopia. The project will hold its 2nd stakeholder workshop to introduce the Digital Biogas and Gasification Platform and present progress of partnerships to demonstrate commercial biogas plants by Ethiopian developers.
Part of DiBiCoo’s commitment to develop digital support tools for the biogas sector, the Platform offers a plethora of resources on the sector and will feature projects from the five main importing countries; Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina and Indonesia.
“The Platform makes it easy to find the right gasification technology and brings business opportunities for importing and exporting countries,” said Wondwossen Bogale (PhD), iceaddis project staff and a leading expert on renewable energy. “It is a great opportunity to access leading stakeholders in the biogas and gasification sector in Europe.”

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