Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC (Safaricom Ethiopia) is a purpose-led technology and communication company committed to contributing to Ethiopia’s digital transformation and inclusion objectives. To achieve our objectives, we are building strong foundations through win-win partnerships to provide services that will transform Ethiopian Lives. Now, we are looking for a suitable Office/Shop Space for Lease.

The space should meet the following requirements:

Location: Adama, Jimma, Bahrdar, Awasa, Dire Dawa, Jigjiga, Semera, Dessie towns

Size: 100 to 200 sqm

Floor Finish: Clean Floor Finish suitable for Clean Goods. Be in a single floor or adjacent floors of a single building.

Be in an area with good security and be itself capable of being secured.

Own secure perimeter wall or other protection is preferred. Be ready for occupation as soon as possible.

Availability of space for parking and Essential services.

Be of a modern construction standard with adequate utilities such as water, electricity and backup generator

Fiber connection already done or proximity to optic fiber service line.

If possible, should not be next to an ongoing construction. Location – main road of the city preferably around regional administrations office

Office space prefer to be with in a mall.

For the purpose of establishing a contract, Safaricom Ethiopia will undertake a competitive bidding exercise in the future and consider inviting those companies that have expressed their interest and provided initial relevant information as to their ability to fulfill STE’s requirement.

Please note that this is not an invitation for submission of a price proposal.

 EOI REQUIREMENTS                                                            

If you are interested and capable of providing these services, please send your expression of interest with the following documents.

Interested building owners should submit their response to the following email addresses: [email protected] no later than (to be defined) All the details should be zipped and sent on email as guided below. If the file size is larger than 20MB, please share via Microsoft OneDrive. Please note that this shouldn’t be via Google Drive or WeTransfer but via MS OneDrive. If the file is below 20MB, you can attach the details in the email response.


Once the responses are received the further process will follow the steps below.

Review of submitted Expressions of Interest Submissions. Pre – qualification of shortlisted owner

Text Box: NOTE

Only the bid responses that meet our minimum requirements will be considered for further discussions.

Only owners and/or their legally delegated representatives are allowed to submit and engage Safaricom Ethiopia with regards to this EOI and/or any subsequent processes as there may be.

No prices should be provided with this EOI.

The receipt of response shall not bind Safaricom Ethiopia to any legal, contractual agreements or any extra contractual liabilities whatsoever with the prospective bidder. Such arrangements shall only come in place once an award has been issued to a successful bidder after a tender process.

Any costs associated with the preparation and submission of the response to the Request for Offers shall be entirely borne by the respondent.

Safaricom Ethiopia may enter into negotiations with property owners of short-listed offers.

Safaricom Ethiopia automatically disqualifies EOIs submitted by any unauthorized third-party including brokers. In case a brokerage service provider and/or unauthorized person submits the EOI Safaricom Ethiopia does not have any liability whatsoever to any brokerage service provider at any stage of the EOI or subsequent processes.

  1. Ownership certificate of the property owner (whether individual or company).
  2. Copies of the Registration Certificate, Renewed Business License and Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the property owner.
  3. A copy of the Title Deed of the Property. Only Properties with clean titles will be considered.
  4. A comprehensive information memorandum for the proposed property. The information memorandum should consist of.

A map showing the location of the property. Layout drawings of the property

Building use permit

A schedule of the gross built as well as lettable areas. Any other information the owner may want to provide.


Text Box: Safaricom Ethiopia reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to select or reject, either in totality or partially, any or all proposals made in the context of this Request for Offers. Any such decisions made will be final and no correspondence will be engaged into, other than for informing the bidders of the outcome of the process.
  • Lease Permission from the appropriate local authority

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