Eyayu Fungus play banned again despite 10th year anniversary celebrations

The popular political satire play “Eyayu Fungus” has been banned yet again, this time as it tried to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of its creation at Ras Hotel on Wednesday June 12, 2024.

The one-man show, performed by Girum Zenebe and written by Bereket Belayneh, was previously banned in January 2024 after its staging at the Alem Cinema.

The latest cancelation came on the day of the scheduled 10th year anniversary performance.

The play, known for its satirical comedy that reveals the realities on the ground, has faced repeated bans despite its popularity. Some have expressed concerns about the uncertainty surrounding the potential prohibition of other plays at any time.

“The play should be celebrated, not banned,” said one theater-goer. “Even the government should learn from the satire, but blocking it is wrong.”

This marks the second time in less than six months that the production has been prohibited from staging performances. The recurring bans have raised questions about the government’s stance on artistic expression and political satire in the country.

Last week the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia (AHRE) has released a scathing statement condemning the Ethiopian government’s continued arbitrary detention of reporters, artists, social media influencers, and politicians, which the group says represents a troubling trend of shrinking media freedom and suppression of free speech.

In the statement, AHRE emphasized that the arrest of individuals simply for expressing their views and reporting on the realities faced by many Ethiopians constitutes a clear violation of fundamental human rights.

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