Ezema vehemently opposes the TPLF being delisted as a terrorist organization

In a statement, the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (Ezema) expressed opposition to the decision to take the TPLF off the list of terrorist groups.

According to its statement, “removing TPLF from terrorism does not give lasting peace, relief, and acceptance.”

The party outlined all of its arguments against the TPLF being delisted as a terrorist group, including:

  • The TPLF did not fully disarm in accordance with Article 6 of the Pretoria Agreement.

Although it was agreed that the federal government should set up the Tigrayan transitional government, the Pretoria Agreement states that the TPLF has gained total control of the interim administration. This is viewed as providing the TPLF with an opportunity to once again threaten the nation.

  • The TPLF leaders who planned the attack on the Northern Command, sparked a humanitarian crisis, pulled people into a conflict, and generally harmed Ethiopia’s economy were not held accountable.
  • According to the Pretoria Agreement, the National Defense Force did not have complete control of Tigray.
  • In memory of its martyred soldiers, the Northern Command did not create a monument or memorial.

Some contend that the TPLF’s acts of destruction and suffering have not gotten the justice and reparation they are due.

Ezema asserted that seeking to outlaw the name of the political party TPLF without first enforcing the aforementioned standards would be a mistake that could not be reversed.

The “Prosperity Party and Government” in charge are mostly to blame for the damage the TPLF caused to the nation, it was declared after that.

The Pretoria Agreement’s requirements have not been fulfilled, and history will never forget the council’s decision to remove the organization from the terrorist list without paying the victims of the TPLF’s ruthless war of arrogance, particularly those in Tigray, Amhara, and Afar. The selection was condemned as being arbitrary.

According to Ezema, the TPLF is mostly to blame for the conflict in our nation’s north and the ensuing national calamity. In a treasonous act, it was alleged, members of the TPLF’s Northern Command killed members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

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