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Family of Juweria Mohamed, Somali Regional Council member, expresses dissatisfaction with lack of justice after her shooting by federal police

The late Juweria Mohamed (Photo: Juweria Mohamed‘s family member)

Addis Abeba – The family of Juweria Mohamed (Subcis), a member of the ruling Prosperity Party Central Committee and the Somali Regional State Council, who was shot and killed in October 2022, has expressed their frustration to Addis Standard. They have cited the lack of proper justice and compensation, as well as the pressure exerted by regional security forces, as sources of their discontent.

In addition to alleging a lack of appropriate legal recourse and financial compensation, they assert that they are being subjected to “threats, physical assault, and arrest” by regional security forces. 

On 25 October, 2022, Juweria was fatally shot by a federal police officer at Garad Wilwal Airport in Jigjiga, the capital of Somali Regional State. The incident also resulted in severe injuries to three individuals: her sister, Ayan Mohamed, and a regional cabinet member, Abdirashid Mohammed.

Ayan Mohamed, an American citizen, was injured along with her 13-year-old son. Now back in the United States, Ayan has had one of her legs amputated due to her injuries.

In an interview with Addis Standard, Yasin Mohammed, Juweria’s brother, recounted the events leading up to the shooting.

He stated that after meeting his sister, who had just arrived from abroad, they attempted to take photographs at the airport. “A disagreement then ensued with a federal police officer who objected to the photography.”

“Following an argument,” Yasin told Addis Standard, “the officer shot my sister in the forehead, killing her instantly. He then shot my other sister Ayan in the leg multiple times and even struck a 13-year-old boy.”

As a result of this attack, Ayan has undergone three leg amputations, Yasin explained.

Yasin also raised serious concerns about the transparency surrounding Juweria’s death. He claims Juweria’s personal devices were confiscated after the shooting and wiped clean before being returned, leading him to believe the act was premeditated.

In the aftermath of Juweria’s passing, Mohamed Guray, formerly the Deputy Chief of Security for the Somali region, provided a statement to Addis Standard. Mohamed asserted that the shooting appeared to be “a deliberate act,” stating, “An altercation occurred between the officer and Subcis, and the officer acted independently.”

In December 2022, the high court in Jigjiga, the capital of the Somali region, issued a death sentence to the federal police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of Juweria.

The late Juweria Mohamed (left) and her sister Ayan Mohamed (Photo: Juweria Mohamed’s family member)

Yasin, however, revealed the family’s absence from the trial held at the Jigjiga Zone High Court.

He expressed reservations concerning the verdict and its execution, stating, “We are not sure about the decision and whether it was implemented.”

Following inquiries with regional authorities regarding the enforcement of the judgment, Yasin reported receiving only information indicating that a request for authorization had been submitted to the president’s office.

In the wake of Juweria’s death, Yasin provided a detailed account of a disturbing pattern of intimidation. He alleged threats, beatings, and even imprisonment.

He further recounted being detained for two months after seeking justice through the media, only to be released with a stern warning to remain silent. AS

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