Federal Army Controls Adigrt Town

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian national Defence force has taken control of Adigrat Town from forces of Tigray people’s Liberation Front [TPLF] earlier today, authorities said on Saturday.

“Our forces have now fully liberated Adigrat Town from TPLF milita as of today, following the control of the surrounding areas last night,” the office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia said.

The fall of  Adigrat Town in the hands of the federal army came hours after the government said its forces defeated TPLF militias out of the city of Axum and the town of Adwa. Forces battling its military in both areas had “surrendered”, the government said.

Saturday’s statement said the national defense force is now marching towards the city of Mekelle despite resistance from regional forces who have used bulldozers to plough up roads and are putting up resistance.

The conflict erupted two weeks ago after what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government called a TPLF attack on the army stationed in the region.


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