First Phase of ‘Operation for National Unity in Diversity’ Completed Successfully, PM Says

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the first phase of “Operation for National Unity in Diversity” was completed as planned successfully and announced his return to the PM office in Addis Ababa momentarily.

Ethiopian security forces, led by the PM, managed to liberate the invading TPLF fighters from several key areas and towns of Amhara and Afar regions in a two-week long counter-offensive.

“I have completed the first phase of the operation, and inform you that I will be at my office for some times,” Abiy said in a statement that addresses Ethiopians.

The Prime Minister said “Our strong desire is always for peace and love”.

“However, the terrorist TPLF in collaboration with its accomplices had created danger on our country by rejecting the repeated call for peace and the newly introduced inclusive political culture, by undermining the patience demonstrated to curtail further destruction relying on the support of some foreign enemies,” he said.

The PM said the first phase of “Operation for National Unity in Diversity” has been successfully completed as per the plan.

The sacrifices made by the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Regional Special Forces, Federal Police, Militias of all areas and other armed groups “we have made history that will be told to our children.”

“Ethiopia is safeguarded by her gallant children. Ethiopia might be tested. But it was impossible to defeat Ethiopia,” he continued. “Ethiopia will not be defeated today and tomorrow too. The name Ethiopia is always associated with victory”.

He, however, said “the struggle is now over yet. There are still areas occupied by enemy forces”.

“The threats posed by our enemy need to be tackled once and for all in a way that should not be a challenge to Ethiopia,” he said, adding all Ethiopians should be vigilant in keeping the safety of their surroundings.

The PM called on all to continue support to rebuild infrastructures damaged by the terrorist TPLF, rehabilitate the displaced and to enhance development and good governance endeavors of the nation started.


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