Focus on ability Film festival

The first short film festival honoring disability awareness has been held in Addis Ababa from December 11th to 12th at Vamdas cinema by Focus on Ability.
The festival screened a selection of local and international films that tells the stories and realities of persons with disability. 33 local short films from young Ethiopian film makers and 14 international films were screened. Beside the film screening the festival has hosted a bazaar where designers, artist and creative sector personals can network with each other.
Focus on ability film festival is headquartered in Australia and has been running for the past 13 years screening over 1400 film in 168 countries across the world. The festival ask film makers to focus on the ability of people with a disability and tells a story on film for the world to view this international film festival which has grown its reach making Ethiopia its 3rd destination next to United States and Malawi.
Focus on Ability Ethiopia has set tremendous outcome for persons with disability by providing a platform where they get the opportunity to tell their stories by being a voice to the majority of the marginalized group to express them through media and art.

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