Gebeya, UN Launch Job Platform for Refugees in Ethiopia

Gebeya Inc., a Pan-African talent cloud tech company, and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have officially launched a digital platform that will help refugees better market their skills and talents in Ethiopia.

The platform, dubbed, aims at connecting skilled refugees and members of the communities that host them, with potential employers.

Nearly 300 refugees have been fully onboarded on the platform since its inception in November 2023.

“We’re thrilled with the tremendous potential this initiative has already demonstrated in just a few months,” said Leul Girma, Gebeya’s Chief Operating Officer.

“And this is just the start,” according to the COO.

“The digital economy offers a powerful pathway toward greater self-reliance for displaced populations,” he said.
“We’re eager to replicate and expand models like Boundless Skills Talent Cloud to help refugees safely access decent work opportunities online.”

The Boundless Skills platform has become a reality with the support of the Netherlands foreign ministry through the PROSPECTS Opportunity Fund.

The move aligns with the pledge by the Government of Ethiopia at the Global Refugee Forum 2023 to create economic opportunities for refugees and host communities.

Ethiopia currently hosts close to 1 million refugees and asylum seekers, being the third main refugee hosting country in Africa.

Margaret Atieno, UNHCR’s Deputy Representative, said refugees “struggle to access dignified work despite their skills, professional experience and higher education degrees.

“Through this partnership, UNHCR and Gebeya are working to empower refugees to earn a living, to become self-reliant and contribute to the digital economy,” Atieno added.

Skillsets available on the platform include both technical and non-technical skills, ranging from software development and data analysis to digital marketing and customer care services.

To strengthen the impact of the newly launched platform, Gebeya has partnered with various organizations including the Refugee Investment Network (RIN) and the Amahoro Coalition that work to create decent working opportunities for refugees.

Amahoro, in particular, will be supporting the scaling of the talent pool by onboarding a pipeline of more than 2,000 skilled and qualified refugees across Gebeya’s Talent Cloud ecosystem.

It will then work to connect these pre-vetted refugee talents with jobs available through their network of private sector partners.

Currently, the Boundless Skills Talent Cloud is exploring possibilities to scale up to greater numbers across the continent after meeting its goal to onboard 300 refugees, per Gebeya and UNHCR.

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