Glory to our heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Ethiopia!

By PM Abiy Ahmed

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia is a country of heroes. Her children have stood guard for the nation and have paid a great many sacrifices to preserve the nation’s dignity and honor. Whilst the sacrifices of yester years may be a distant memory, the atrocities committed on our heroes on November 3, 2020 will not be forgotten. Each one of us owes a debt of gratitude to the heroes through whose suffering we all stand today. If those precious Ethiopian children vowing to defend their country and fellow country folks, had not split their blood as eagles fed on their flesh, then today would not be what it is.

The Northern Command was not constituted by personnel! from one area, it was a force that
comprised Amharas, Oromas, Sidamas, Wolayitas, Afaris, Gambellas, Gurages, Hadiya and many other nations and nationalities, organized to protect the country. For twenty years, members of the Northern Command have lived in isolation far away from their original homes and protecting borders in honor of the nation. Other than showing compassion and goodwill, the Northern Command have never had any ill intentions against the Tigray region and its people. The Northern Command protected; assisted farming communities during harvests and supported social activities in the region. For the blood and sweat sacrifices paid by the Northern Command, TPLF rewarded them with a treasonous act of betrayal.

Unlike the terrorist group, even enemies that came to Invade Ethiopia did not begin by attacking four main bases. They did not launch their invasion by killing senior military personnel and looting heavy national armaments and weaponry. Although there is a war that is holy, there are also limits to cruelty. There is no one that has exercised the level of cruelty on Ethiopia as that of the terrorist group. The treasonous and fatal attack committed on our heroes of the Northern Command comprising the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia, Is an atrocious attack directly committed on Ethiopia.

The terrorist group’s assault on the Northern Command was not a simple attempt to rob Ethiopia of its defense armaments, What makes the attack different is that it was cunning and fraught with malice.

Not only did they turn on their own comrades and kill them while they were are their most
vulnerable, but they stripped dead bodies of their clothes and threw them into open fields as fodder for wild beasts. In doing so, the terrorist group’s aims were twofold. The first was to shame and punish the Northern Command, making its members feel weak and helpless. The second was to create mistrust and discord within the forces and make them suspicious of one another. However, the forces did not respond as expected.

Within three weeks, while grieving the loss of their brothers and sisters, the forces quickly
regrouped and managed to send off the terrorists into the desert. It managed to apprehend most of the key TPLF leadership and brought them to justice, acting from adherence to the principles of rule of law and not out of revenge. In war, adhering to principles is not easy. Over the past year, our army has fought many battles with the terrorist group and has paid a high price. During the war, the ENDF fought valiantly and sacrificed for their motherland. Our forces demonstrated allegiance to the country and people, not in words but in deeds. Our forces still continue to fall in vast trenches and jungles.

Today, instead of taking advantage of the opportunity provided for reflection to the terrorist group, it rather saw the unilateral ceasefire as a victory. It continues to inflict unimaginable violence against our people in the Amhara and Afar regions. Together with its destructive accomplice Shene that is unleashing grave dangers in some areas of Wellega, Oromia Region, both are destabilizing Ethiopia ‘and Ethiopians. Other destructive forces have also mobilized their agents within and outside the country, and are using all their capabilities on a destructive campaign against Ethiopia.

It’s also foolish to expect our army to stand alone and announce victory. Victory over the threat posed by our enemies is unattainable if we do not work together. The alliance of our enemies is not a product of mere propaganda. It’s true. The purpose of these forces is clear. They are set to destroy a country – not to build It. We need to know that the current heavy-handed efforts to tarnish the reputation of our country is a ploy to facilitate the path for Ethiopia’s fate to be that of Libya and Syria.

There is no reason why we should not be united when our enemies are this organized. Anyone who {upset by the violence inflicted upon his brothers and sisters must not simply point the finger but rather express the desire to save the country through actionable deeds.

History will pass its judgement in the future, The coward will be recorded in the annals of history as a coward, and the malicious will be recorded as such. It is clear that the terrorists will be remembered by generations to come for their treason, On the contrary, the names of our fallen heroes, including the members of the Northern Command, will be forever be inscribed in God, Glory to our heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Ethiopia!

May God Bless Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrote the message on a day that commemorate the November 3, 2020 attacks on the Northern Command

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