Govt, Hungary-based Firm discuss JV to invest in energy sector

Ethiopian ministers on Friday discussed a possible joint venture with the Hungary-based Equilibrium Capital to invest in the energy sector.

Equilibrium’s co-founder Peter Nagy met with Ethiopia’s Planning and Development minister Fitsum Adela, and State Minister of foreign affair Misganu Arega, in Doha, Qatar.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the meeting focused “on the potential of the firm’s investment in Ethiopia’s energy sector through a joint venture.”

Equilibrium Capital is a firm engaged in the provision of sustainable financing, including in energy infrastructure.

The ministers briefed the co-founder of the firm about the investment opportunities in Ethiopia, particularly, in the generation of renewable energy and the transmission and provision of electricity services.

Their briefing also highlighted the priority given by Ethiopia to equity capital as the government works towards opening up the financial sector for foreign investors.

The two sides also discussed how the firm can collaborate with the government within the prospects of a public-private partnership.

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