Govt Releases Jewar, Eskender, Sibhat and more from Prison

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian government said it has decided to release a number of prisoners including Jewar Mohamed, Eskender Nega and Sibhat Nega from prison to create a better political environment for an inclusive national dialogue.

“The government strongly believes that Ethiopia’s problems need to be addressed in a comprehensive dialogical approach,” said the Government Communication Service (GCS).

A National Dialogue Commission has been set up to deal with contemporary political issues and unresolved discourses of the country, it said.

“To this end the Ethiopian government took the initiative to pardon some prisoners for the betterment of the political situation,” said the GCS..

Its purpose, it said, is to pave the way for a lasting solution to Ethiopia’s problems “in a peaceful, non-violent way. Especially with the aim of making the all-inclusive national dialogue a success”.

According to the GCS, it is believed that those given amnesty have learnt from the past and will hopefully make a better contribution to their country and to the people of Ethiopia.

Those who are included in the amnesty by the initiative of the government of Ethiopia are;

1. Sibhat Nega

2. kidusan Nega

3. Abay Woldu

4. Abadi Zemu

5. Mulu Gebregziabher

6. Kiros Hagos

7. Jawar Mohammed and all others accused under the same criminal file

8. Eskender Nega and all others accused under the same criminal file; are released from prison.

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