Green Legacy Tree Planting Campaign Concludes

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the Green Legacy tree planting campaign was a success and an inspiration for many as the four-year-long initiative officially concluded on Saturday.

The initiative was launched in June 2019 aiming to curb the effects of climate change and deforestation in Ethiopia.

The tree planting campaign, which took place in four rounds during the main rainy KIREMT seasons had a target to plant a total of 20 billion seedlings through public mobilization. 

The nation has been able to plant 25 billion tree seedlings over the past four years surpassing the 20 billion target , Prime Minister Abiy said on Sunday,

“The 4 years since we launched Green Legacy has demonstrated to us that we are a people that can ideate, plan and accomplish,” Abiy said. “We planned 20bln and achieved 25bln.”

“Ours has been an inspiration for many throughout the world. We will continue building on our green culture,” the PM added.

The last round of the tree planting push was launched on July 21, 2022, and officially ended in Ethiopia’s Eastern city of Harar where the PM has left a Green Legacy Footprint planting a tree.

In a message written on Twitter, the PM said concluding does not mean the initiative has finished, “but rather that the work of making Ethiopia greener will continue incorporating more facets.”

Featured image caption: Prime Minister Abiy and first lady Zinash Tayachew planted trees in Harar as part of the green legacy program. [Photo PMO]

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