Honest Somali boy gets life-changing opportunity

Honest Somali boy gets life-changing opportunity

Mustafa Mohammed with the honest boy, Guled Ibrahim, and the mother (Photo credit : EBC)


Guled Ibrahim is a Somali Young boy who makes a living by driving bajaj in Jijiga town, eastern Ethiopia.  A woman who happened to be his passenger left 300,000 Ethiopian birr. It is money she raised from selling her livestock to pay for medical help for herself and for her sick son. 

The Bajaja she was in dropped her in at a hospital in the city and left. It was after that she realized that she left her money in the Bajaj. 

“A distressed and devastated mother cried for hours and attracted the attention of the medical staff and others in the area; and later left since she lost hope,” wrote Mustafa Mohammed Omer, president of Somali regional state, who was amused by the story. 

It was hours later that Guled noticed that his last passenger left the money in his bajaj. He had to travel to the hospital where he dropped her to report the lost and found money. 

Apparently, she was not available near the hospital at the time. She was notified about it over the phone. 

The regional president linked the story to one of his reform agenda. “Building a morally upright society is one of the aims of the regional reform agenda,” he wrote. 

Mustafa Omar personally expressed his gratitude to the honest Guled Ibrahim. Not just that, this young boy dropped out of university to financially support his parents. And the Somali regional government has pledged to support him and his parents until he completes his university study. 

He will also get employment opportunities once he completes his study. 

Apart from turning out to be a social media status update story of many Ethiopians including the region’s president, Guled made headlines for state media in the country. 

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