Hotto prepares to welcome African leaders for AU Summit

By our staff reporter

Hotto by Toptable Trading, a renowned five-star restaurant in the heart of Addis Ababa, is proud to announce its readiness to host high-ranking African leaders during the upcoming African Union (AU) Summit. Situated in the opulent core of the city, on Cape Verde Street near Bole Atlas, this Japanese-inspired Asian Fusion restaurant has been captivating diplomats, tourists, and esteemed guests since its establishment a year ago.

The restaurant is a harmonious blend that captures the grace and simplicity of Japanese inspired Asian cuisine, providing guests with a distinctive flavor experience.

With its prime location and exquisite offerings, Hotto aims to become the most sought-after high-end dining destination in Addis Ababa. The founders of Hotto envisioned creating a distinguished restaurant that not only enhances the culinary scene but also contributes to elevating the nation’s image.

Founded by three friends bonded by their shared dreams for fine dining cuisine, Hotto originated from their experiences dining at exceptional restaurants during their travels abroad. Inspired by these encounters, they embarked on a mission to introduce a similar elevated dining concept in their hometown. While Addis Ababa already boasts upscale hotels catering to VIPs, executives, and senior guests, the founders believed there was still room to cater to discerning individuals seeking a unique dining experience.

“We sought to create fine dining with a renowned chef and sophisticated ambiance based on our dream,” explained the founders. They are now fully prepared to welcome VIP visitors to Addis Ababa for the upcoming AU Summit, scheduled to commence next month.

Drawing inspiration from the art of Japanese cuisine, Hotto has been offering a refined dining experience since its inception on January 24, 2023. The restaurant takes immense pride in the culinary innovations of Executive Chef Daniel, who skillfully combines Asian flavors with locally sourced ingredients. The result is a harmonious blend that captures the grace and simplicity of Japanese cuisine, providing guests with a distinctive flavor experience.

“Our aim is to delight tourists in one of Africa’s largest and most vibrant cities,” stated Chef Daniel Birhanu, Executive Chef and Partner of Hotto by Toptable Trading. Chef Daniel’s culinary journey spans over a decade and has taken him to 97 countries, further fueling his passion for cuisine. He began his career as a member of the opening team at Sheraton Addis in 1998, then honed his skills as Head Chef at Sheraton Belgravia in London. Following that, he joined Etihad Airways, where he successfully designed a five-star dining experience at 40,000 feet in just three years. Chef Daniel then pursued a degree in Japanese cuisine in London and further refined his Asian fusion skills at Sushi Samba. Now back in Ethiopia, he is eager to share his expertise and elevate the dining scene in his hometown.

With its commitment to excellence and a fusion of culinary artistry, Hotto by Toptable Trading is poised to provide an exceptional dining experience for esteemed guests attending the AU Summit.

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