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In Ethiopia, itel unveils the Fusion, its newest $23+ smartphone

Itel, a pioneer in the smart life market and a business committed to providing users with high-quality consumer electronics, has formally announced the upcoming release of its $234 flagship smartphone with a curved screen.

Modern features and cutting-edge technology on the itel 523+ are poised to transform the smartphone experience.

Itel Mobile has established a strong reputation as a reliable and progressive business that caters to the needs and preferences of customers all around the world, including Ethiopia.

The company said that because of a strong commitment to delivering technology that exemplifies quality and endurance, Itel has maintained its image as a trustworthy alternative among clients in emerging sectors.

The latest Itel 23+ increases the standard for visual quality with its 6.78-inch big FHD AMOLED curved screen. Thanks to the screen’s 59-degree curvature, which creates a fascinating visual experience, users are totally absorbed in their material. The exceptional 93% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of its curved screen provides perceptually stimulating vistas.

During the launching ceremony, the phone’s features, such as an Al-powered camera, display, processor, and fast-charging battery, were highlighted. To experience the great capabilities of the phone, product experts invited attendees to product presentations.

itel Mobile has been active on the Ethiopian market via Transsion Manufacturing plc, one of the primary manufacturers of mobile phones in Ethiopia.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Genene Azene, legal director of Transsion Manufacturing, shared his excitement for the revealing event and stated that the company’s goal has always been to close the digital gap by making cutting-edge technology accessible and cheap to everyone. With the launch of the itel $29+ smartphone, we are significantly enhancing the lives of Ethiopian consumers.

The adoption of in-display fingerprint technology also improves convenience and security.

While Corning Gorilla Glass 5 provides better touch sensitivity and drop protection.

About the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Eamon Jia, Brand Manager of Itel Mobile Ethiopia, said, “We are glad to premiere the $23+. Itel Mobile Ethiopia has always sought to provide user-friendly, broadly accessible products that go above and beyond what customers anticipate. We remain true to our word and provide cutting-edge technology at a competitive price with the S23 Plus. According to us, the additional $23 will transform smartphone experiences and offer our customers access to the features they desire.

The itel 523+ redefines storage capacities with 256GB of internal storage and up to 16GB of RAM. Through the use of an additional 8GB from the ROM, its ground-breaking Extended RAM technology enables seamless switching between up to 20 background apps.

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